DOLL Team Demonstrates CART Robot-Assisted Repair Technology


Developed under DARPA funding, DOLL has developed the capability for a robot assistant to guide a user in performing repair tasks using deep learning, active perception, mission representation, and plan recognition.  This video shows a user performing a simple repair operation consisting of replacing the battery of a cell phone, assisted by the CART system.

Link to the YouTube video

DOLL team presents on PAMELA and PLANVIZ at Clojure/Conj


DOLL team presents a session and a demonstration of PAMELA and PLANVIZ  for machine learning at Clojure/Conj 2016.

Link to the YouTube video

DOLL Welcomes Dan Cerys to DOLL as Chief Architect


Dan Cerys joins DOLL effective January 1st 2014 as a Chief Architect.

DOLL Chief Scientist Robert Laddaga leaves DOLL to work at Vanderbilt


Robert Laddaga resigned from all roles at DOLL effective July 2013. We wish him every success at Vanderbilt University.

DOLL Chief Scientist Paul Robertson is Co-General Chair of SASO 2012.


SASO is the premier conference on Self Adaptive and Self Organizing Systems.  SASO 2012 will be held in Lyon, France September 10-14 this year.  Paul is joined by his co-chair: Salima Hassas, of the Universite Lyon.

DOLL Chief Scientist Robert Laddaga is Co-Organizer of the Adaptive Host and Network Security Workshop at SASO


The AHANS workshop will bring together many of the best researchers currently working on self adaptive approaches to cyber security.  Robert is joined by his co-organizers:  Stuart Wagner of Applied Communications Sciences, and Robert N.M. Watson, of Cambridge University.

DOLL welcomes Grace Robertson to DOLL as director of administration


Grace Robertson has an impressive background in business administration and is especially knowledgeable about business Human Resources Benefits Plans.

DOLL moves into new officess located in Lexington Massachusetts:


DOLL has moved into new offices in downtown Lexington, 114 Waltham Street,Suite 14.  The move was prompted by DOLL's growth, and to enhance customer visits by providing a more central location, close to Boston, Cambridge and Logan airport.  DOLL retains its headquarters in Haverhill, MA.