Franz Inc and DOLL Inc win DARPA SBIR

Smart Components: A High Level Semantically BasedĀ User Interface Management Tool for DistributedĀ Applications: DARPA 96-062 SBIR Award 1998

With the rapid rise of world wide. Reliable networking evidence by the internet, the World Wide Web and Intranets. A new computing environment is being rapidly established. The new environment has created an opportunity to combine several key technologies and produce and effective platform to deploy significant network distributed applications. These technologies have been developed over the last twenty years in the fields of dynamic programming. Reflective object oriented systems and presentation based user interfaces. We propose to combine these crucial technologies as a practical tool which effectively exploits the evolving network computing arena. Franz Inc. leads in building and marketing the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS). A widely used Dynamic Object Language. Franz has teamed with Dynamic Object Language Labs., who specialize in applications that utilize dynamic programming and reflective systems. Franz and DOLL propose to develop a tool we call Smart Components, basing it on the technologies of dynamic programming, reflective object oriented systems and presentation based user interfaces. Central to our proposal is fitting well with newly emergingnetwork computing architecture, such as Java and the Internet, and applying principles developed within the lisp community over the last twenty years which manage the evolution of complex software.