Andreas Hofmann: Chief Scientist

Dr. Hofmann is a leading expert in the area of autonomous systems, particularly, in the fields of robotics, cyber-physical systems, and process control systems.  He has been responsible for developing innovative technology and algorithms that work in real-time environments, including the Gensym G2 inference engine and graphical process diagram system, algorithms for bipedal robot balance control, controllers for energy efficient mobile hydraulic systems, and integrated task and motion planning architectures for individual robots, and teams of robots working with humans.  Dr. Hofmann has held numerous leadership positions including VP of Autonomous Solutions at Vecna Technologies, where he led a research group focusing on robotics, and co-founder of Gensym Corporation, a company that specializes in automatic, supervisory-level control software for the chemical process and manufacturing industries.  At Gensym, he was responsible for key components of the company's G2 product, and also led the application development group, deploying G2 in factory automation and optimization applications.  Dr. Hofmann has a BS in Electrical Engineering from MIT, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT.