Dr. Paul Robertson: Chief Scientist, President

Dr. Robertson, is working to apply self-adaptive software and machine learning principles to Computer Vision, and Perceptual Intelligence. His current research activities include self adaptive software architectures and technology, symbolic learning systems, perceptually enabled interfaces, physically embedded intelligent autonomous systems (including robots and vision systems), and advanced programming language environments and design.

He was recently a senior scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies, where he worked on symbolic learning systems, intelligent vision systems and self adaptive networking. His past research accomplishments included work in linguistic models in computer vision, robotics, and self-adaptive cognitive architectures for interpretation problems; work in software and AI development environments;, and research on AI, self adaptive software, adaptive networking, vision, sensor networks, pervasive and perceptually enabled environments, and information survivability.

Dr. Robertson was a research scientist at the M.I.T Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), where he worked on a smart vision enabled kiosk, a self-adaptive real-time robot vision system.

He has worked on several DARPA funded programs, including IL, SRS, ANTS, SAFER, and EDCS. He was PI on SAFER and EDCS.