Active Perception

In most existing machine perception systems, the perception components are statically configured, so that sensor data is processed in the same, bottom-up manner each sensing cycle. The parameters of components in such a system are also statically tuned to operate optimally under very specific conditions. If higher level goals, context, or the environment change, the specific conditions for which the static configuration is intended may no longer hold.

Mission Modeling

In order to plan for and accomplish a complex set of interdependent activities, it is useful to have a specification of the goals and the activities that need to be accomplished to satisfy those goals. Motivated by the world of military planning, we use the term Mission Modeling to refer to the activity of capturing and representing all of the goals, preferences, and constraints, along with the detailed execution plan that satisfies each of them.

Cyber Security

DOLL has developed active cyberdefense systems, and has evaluated these systems on testbeds that are able to simulate a variety of cyberattacks including denial of service, corruption through malware, exfiltration, and process termination.  DOLL's approach is intelligent and dynamic in that it treats an attack as a battle for which defensive missions must be planned, and analysis and compensation resources must be allocated in an optimal manner.  Thus, the approach leverages DOLL's Mission Modeling technology.